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Here are my instant impressions of Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still following film study.

Devon Still possesses a rare combination of size, strength, and quickness. Although he has areas to improve upon such as pad level and leverage, Still has all the tools to be an effective player against both the pass and run.

Devon Still is a big bodied, high cut athlete with great size and length, who certainly looks like a man among boys. His stature is physically imposing and he possesses huge arms, a defined upper body and thick chest. Still is a quick-twitch athlete who shows the ability to stand up and command double teams, while eating up blocks to free up other players. Possesses violent hands and disengagement skills, while showcasing a pretty effective swim move to threaten gaps and knife his way into the backfield (get skinny). Has quick and active feet, showing the ability to bull rush and collapse/penetrate the pocket. Still does struggle to play with consistent pad level and leverage, as his height is somewhat of a deterrent in allowing opponents to get under his pads and drive him out of the play. Still flashes a violent temperament and his active hands are a valuable tool that allow him to disengage effectively to find the ball carrier. Solid/pass rusher who showcases agile footwork while also playing relatively light on his feet, showcasing pretty solid change of direction skills for a player his size. Needs to develop more pass rush moves and counters, as he works the swim move far too often. Gets a little narrow based and upright off the snap, making him susceptible to giving up precious ground in the run game. Needs to play with much better consistency in terms of his pad level and leverage as he seems to wear down over the course of games and may have some stamina issues moving forward. Does show natural stack and shed abilities and is obviously a well coached player, but needs to play to his capabilities from snap to snap. Could get more out of his length by getting better arm extension to keep defenders off his body but is relatively clean in this area.

Possesses a violent jolt to stymie and stun his opponent; his quick and heavy hands are one of the best attributes of his overall game. Shows an above average to good get-off, however his burst and acceleration off the ball seems to slow down over the course of the game as he tends to wear down (stamina issues?). Definitely has the quickness to threaten gaps off the snap, however seems to be most effective when he is fresh and coming in with rested legs. Has good movement skills and above average first step quickness. Is an aggressive up field penetrator who may be susceptible to seal/wham type blocks at the next level due to his ability to get into the backfield so quickly. Violent hitter capable of knocking football loose, while engulfing the ball carriers upon contact due to his impressive size and length. Explodes through contact and really can lay some bone-jarring hits on unsuspecting ball carriers at times. Does nice job getting hands up in passing lanes. Shows good upper body strength but could stand to get stronger in his lower half. Upper body strength and strong active hands  make him a good candidate to execute push-pull technique to get the most out of his ability and add another arsenal to his developing pass rush moves. Shows a good effort and motor and will continually use counters to work his way back into the play if initially stood up by his defender. Has struggled with injuries in the past and missed this year’s Senior Bowl because of a toe injury. Ability to stay healthy and remain on the field could be a big question moving forward and is beginning to become a red flag that he must answer.

Devon Still is an intriguing player who should be in the battle to become the first player drafted at his position. He and LSU’s Michael Brockers are neck and neck to earn this title, and each of their individual performances in the upcoming combine and respective pro-days will loom large in determining who deserves this right. Both have fantastic upside but struggle with their pad level and leverage and will need to play with better consistency to become special players at the next level. Still’s injury woes are a bit of a concern and he will have some work to do to dispel the notion that he’s injury prone. I really like and appreciate Still’s overall skill-set and his violent hands and ability to stack and shed are two areas of his game I absolutely love. Stamina issues however are another area Still will have to clear up in the minds of NFL scouts and GM’s alike, as he will have to prove he can stay on the field for an extended period of time. Currently I have Still fitting in the Top 15 players in the draft, with the ability to move up or down depending on his performances between now and April. Still has a lot of work to do between now and the draft but could become a high pick with a good off-season.

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Here are my impressions on Cordy Glenn’s performance against LSU in this year’s SEC Championship Game…Enjoy!

Cordy Glenn has excellent size, length and overall athleticism which should get him drafted in the 1st round. His ability to play multiple positions along the offensive front is highly intriguing and valuable, and I have little doubt he won't start and contribute his rookie season.

Exhibits good quickness getting into pass sets and does excellent job timing the snap count to get body into correct positioning in a hurry. Displays surprisingly nimble footwork and moves well laterally. Patient and very good at mirroring defenders movements by reading their body language. Drops his weight and bends at the knees nicely, however he could use his long arms to extend better at times, but is pretty efficient/consistent in this area. Shows good discipline and rarely false starts or flinches before the snap. Athletic enough to re-set his feet and get back into position by re-directing his hips and body positioning. Wide base and natural bend allow him to absorb bull rush and anchor. Could use length more efficiently at times and gives up/exposes his chest on occasion. Also will get a little upright and narrow based when trying to re-set and recover, however he showed well at the Senior Bowl in regards to re-anchoring and neutralizing counter moves by defenders. Shows natural inside run blocking skills and does a great job positioning his body in space to create lanes off his back side. Shuffles and slides well through contact to achieve this consistently. Patient and doesn’t over-extend, stays balanced and knows how to ride the defender around the edge past the quarterback thanks to his impressive wingspan and overall athleticism. Athletic and aware enough to chip and help out is guard and still be able to recover and recognize twisting/stunting defensive lineman or delayed blitzers. Very hard player to disengage from once locked on and is a tough object to move at the point of attack. Needs to fire out of his stance lower with better pad level and overall aggressiveness in the run game. Foot speed might not be enough to handle and keep up with speed rushers in the NFL to stick at left tackle. Has a tendency to bend at the waist if beaten and temporarily caught out of position. Shows above average strength and solid punch move to stymie defenders. Gets a little grabby from time to time and will get caught bear hugging and could draw holding penalties on occasion. Possesses amazing size and overall length, while showing very good agility and movement skills for a man of his size…I like to call him the “Dancing Bear”.  Played multiple positions along Georgia’s offensive line with relative success and has tons of starting experience in the dominate SEC.

Cordy Glenn’s versatility to play inside or out is highly intriguing but it is his ability to be effective at these multiple positions in the grueling SEC that makes him so impressive. Glenn has one of the better wingspans and his surprisingly nimble footwork and agility has opened eyes and allowed him to be effective at these multiple positions while at Georgia. I’m not quite sure if he will be able to stick at left tackle in the NFL quite yet but his Combine performances in drills and tests will go a long way in determining this. Glenn is a player you can feel comfortable and confident about taking in the middle to late first round area and plug and play at a position of need along the offensive front for your team. It has been rumored that Cordy Glenn will absolutely blow up the Combine with his performances in the various tests, so be on the lookout for that as I would not be at all surprised from what I have seen of him on film from a physical standpoint. With a good performance at his Combine and Pro-Day, Glenn could find himself within the initial 20 selections of the 2012 NFL Draft.

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Here are my instant impressions of Michael Brockers for his performance against Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

Michael Brockers has some work to do in regards to his consistency and ability to play with sound leverage from snap to snap. However, his size and god-given abilities give him considerable upside and should make him a relatively high draft pick come April

Not extremely sudden off the snap and lacks quality burst. Needs to do better job dropping his pad level a bit and will play with poor leverage at times, making him an easy player to wash out. Shows flashes of violent hands and disengagement skills by using stack and shed techniques to make plays against the run, however he needs more consistency in this area. Possesses a powerful swim move and is hard to stop once he gets his forward momentum going thanks to his impressive lower body strength/leg drive. Also does a good job getting his hands up in passing lanes when he fails to reach the quarterback. Has great length and height, allowing him to see the play develop and find the football. Gets a little narrow based and doesn’t always stay square to the line of scrimmage, making him an easy target to wash out of the play. Definitely needs technique work in the area of leverage and how to anchor in the run game and stand up to double teams. Has the tools to be very good just needs more consistency/coaching. Could use length better at times but has moments of brilliance when he is able to put it all together. Pass rush repertoire is average at best at this point, as he lacks a quality counter move and almost always resorts to a spin move to work his way back to the play. If he accepts coaching and can develop more consistencies he could be one of the better run defenders in the league. Fits multiple schemes and can play in a variety of systems…versatility is key. Very hard to contain and sustain blocks on when he plays with good pad level and leverage. Shows ability to create separation and space between he and his opponent by using good arm extension by locking out his elbows, making it easier for him to disengage and find the ball carrier against the run. Seems to have good feel for where the football is and shows the awareness and hustle/motor to continually chase and keep pursuit. Changes directions pretty efficiently and has a relentlessness quality to his game when pursuing to the ball carrier. Fluid athlete with above average movement skills for his size and works well in tight quarters.

Overall Brockers is one of the more interesting prospects in this draft. Scouts and GM’s hate to use and hear the words “potential” and “upside” but that is exactly the type of player Michael Brockers will be in this draft, since he declared after his redshirt Sophomore season. There is a ton of untapped talent here and Brockers has shown flashes of brilliance that really catch your attention and make you wonder just how good he could be. However, taking him in the Top 10 at this point is just too risky. Brockers can play 3 or 5 technique, which should and will only increase his value in the minds of NFL scouts and GM’s. Brockers inconsistency is a concern but he should be, and deserves to be elected somewhere in the middle of round one due to the potential he has, and the skills  he possesses that are necessary to become one of the better run defenders in the league..he just needs a little seasoning and discipline. If Brockers can play with better leverage and develop more upper body strength he could become a terror, thanks to both his physical prowess and natural football ability. Brockers is the epitome of a high risk-high reward type player and reminds me some of All Pro Richard Seymour due to his size and skills. Brockers will likely take some time to develop before he can become an every down starter in the NFL, however with a little patience he has the type of ability to be a staple along your defensive front.

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