Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Temple vs. Wyoming

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Film Sessions
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Bernard Pierce displays great overall vision and inside running ability. He won't wow you with his athleticism but is the type of back who can pick up short yardage first downs and continually be an option at or near the goal line.

Temple RB Bernard Pierce:

Bernard Pierce is a nicely built running back prospect at 6-0 215 lbs. and displays a tough physical running style that makes him a good fit for a power running scheme. The first thing you notice about Bernard Pierce is his incredible vision, patience, and feel for holes opening up. Pierce isn’t the type of player who will wow you with his overall athletic ability and quickness but he is a decisive runner who doesn’t hesitate when picking a path. Bernard is also very good at slipping through even the smallest of creases and displays very good balance when getting through the hole. His lateral agility is above average allowing him to make defenders miss in space and his above average feet make him a menace at working in confined areas and short yardage situations. Pierce is the proto-typical short yardage back who is extremely effective between the tackles and near the goal line, evidenced by his school record 27 rushing TD’s this season. Pierce does an astounding job at setting up defenders and almost lulls them to sleep before suddenly accelerating and changing gears to pick up positive yardage. All of these skills make Pierce and extremely effective player at consistently moving the chains and picking up those tough first downs to extend drives. This is exactly the type of role Pierce should serve in the NFL as his top-end speed and home-run hitting ability is average at best. Pierce won’t dazzle you in any way or make many highlight worthy runs but his ability to move the chains and drone the defense to sleep will allow his offense to control the tempo of drives and the clock. Pierce runs with above average leg drive and shows the ability to move the pile. His physical running style and strong inside running ability allow him to run through arm/ankle tackles. I also love the way Pierce protects the football by covering the points in traffic. Bernard Pierce also does a nice job in pass protection and isn’t afraid/scared to get physical and pick up blitzing linebackers with good overall form. I would like to see more from Pierce in this area but he displayed above average skills in this area from what I saw in this game. Pierce has not proved to be an effective receiver out of the backfield at Temple, however I don’t know how many opportunities he was given to show this aspect of his game at Temple. For this reason, this will be something to watch leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft at his Combine and Pro-Day. Overall I am a pretty big fan of Bernard Pierce and would recommend him somewhere in the 3rd round. His skills don’t make your jaw drop but he is extremely effective and will prove to be a valuable back for whichever team decides to draft him. If Price can continue to stay healthy as he did this season he should enjoy a long/productive career in the NFL due to his incredible vision and ability to get “skinny” and make the most out of even the smallest of creases. Pierce is the type of player that you know what you’re getting and know what you’re not. Due to this, he is an extremely safe player who should produce and impact your offense positively from day one.

*Bernard Pierce officially declared for the 2012 NFL Draft while I was writing this report. Pierce should come off the board sometime on Day 2 and present an excellent value for a team in need of a short-yardage back who is effective between the tackles, best of luck big man!


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