Boise State QB Kellen Moore:

Kellen Moore's lack of size and true arm talent will severely limit his upside once he reaches the NFL. However, he has shown to be an accurate quarterback who knows how to win with a 50-3 career record as a starter which will stand the test of times.

Kellen Moore is one of the most decorated passers in college football history having gone 50-3 during his career at Boise State, while also breaking numerous school and national records for a quarterback. Moore stands a mere 6-0 195 lbs. and is very undersized to be considered a top flight prospect despite the considerable and impressive stats he has put up with the Broncos. The area of Moore’s game that has allowed him to be so successful at the college level is his high football IQ and accuracy/ball placement. Moore is a very cerebral player who understands coverages and is quick to make his pre and post snap reads to gain an edge on his opponent. This one area allows Moore to stay a step ahead of the defense and find the mismatches and advantages he has before the ball has even been snapped. In the NFL this will be much more difficult for Moore as defensive coordinators do a great job of disguising coverages and confusing quarterbacks, especially young ones like Moore. The other area in which Moore excels is his ability to place the ball where only his guy can get it. Moore may possess one of the most accurate arms in the entire NCAA  connecting on 74% of his passes this season (69.83% career). While this somewhat has to do with the type of offensive system the Broncos run there is little doubting just how accurate Moore has been throughout his career in Boise. Kellen throws a very pretty deep ball with uncanny touch and accuracy, although he may not have very good arm strength I have been impressed with his ability to get the ball down the field and stretch the defense vertically. Kellen also displays very good anticipation on his throws, many times delivering the ball before his receiver has even started into his break. It is easy to see that the game comes very natural for Moore and the system he plays in has drawn to his strengths as a passer, relying on timing and accuracy rather than pure arm strength where it is imperative to be able to throw into tight windows and thread the needle so to speak. True arm talent is the area in which Kellen struggles as his arm is just average for a college quarterback and will be considered below average once he reaches the NFL. He doesn’t show the ability to drive the ball down the field, although I have seen him make some throws from one hash to the sideline. His ball tends to float a little and comes out with much less velocity than you would like to see from a potential NFL quarterback.  This lack of arm strength will limit Moore’s upside as he will have trouble to drive the football into those tight windows that NFL quarterbacks are relied upon to make. With all this said I personally would much rather have a player with high football IQ, accuracy, and anticipation skills than simply a strong arm. You have to appreciate the amount of leadership and poise Kellen showed during his time in Boise as he was a huge component in bringing the Broncos into the national spotlight during the last four years. Kellen Moore has meant so much to that program and he will surely be missed by coach Peterson and his team-mates next season. Moore isn’t the type of player that will wow you and light the world on fire but the kid’s a winner and natural born leader with the skills to make some sort of impact and stick on with some team at the next level.

Boise State RB Doug Martin-

Martin's compact build and overall balance, patience, speed, power, and vision as a runner make him a unique threat that can take it the distance at anytime. Martin should shine at the next level and is easily the best Senior running back prospect in this draft.

Boise State’s Doug Martin comes in a little short at 5-9 210 lbs but he has a pretty solid build for a player of his stature. The thing you notice about Martin almost instantly is that he has excellence patience and showcases a very good burst/acceleration to hit the hole once he see’s an opening. The aspect of Martin’s game that I absolutely love is his blend of speed, power, and vision. I’m not sure there is a better back in this draft outside of maybe Trent Richardson who has this combination of natural ability. Martin is also a very balanced runner who presses the line of scrimmage quickly and can get up field and through the 2nd level in a hurry. He has good break away speed to break the long ones and hit pay dirt once the opportunity presents itself. This was very evident on the opening play of the game when Martin took the opening kickoff for a TD, showcasing the type of speed to beat defenders in a foot race. I would guess his top speed is somewhere in the 4.4-4.45 second range in the 40 yard dash if I had to go purely on speculation and assumption. Another thing I really like about Martin is the fact that he is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Martin has clean hands and shows the added ability to make an impact on passing downs as a check down receiver or useful player in the screen game. Martin also isn’t afraid to mix it up with bigger players and take on blitzers as a blocker in the backfield or when executing a chip block on a defensive end before releasing out into his route. I love the way he sticks his nose in there and isn’t afraid of contact. You really love to see this as a coach or player evaluator because you know he can hold up and be trusted on 3rd downs and be on the field at all times. Due to Martin smaller stature he already plays with a lower center of gravity and pretty good pad level. His running ability and overall skill-set reminds me of Ray Rice, although I’m not sure he has the ability of Rice to punch it in at the goal line consistently due to Ray’s superior leg drive. This is not to say that Martin does not possess power however as he shows the ability to run through arm tackles by keeping his legs churning and lowering his head to pick up the hard extra yards. Another player that I believe Martin takes after is Ahhmad Bradshaw of the New York Giants. Both have a similar build and running style that makes them effective both between and outside the tackles, although I prefer Martin’s top end speed better than Bradshaw’s, but prefer Bradshaw’s hard charging run you over type attitude when finishing his runs more than Martin’s. Either way both are very good runners and Martin should enjoy similar success at the next level and deserves every right to be considered a solid 2nd round option and top 50 overall player despite the NFL’s recent transitioning to a two back system. Martin is one of the most under-rated players in the country and should shine during the off-season leading up to the NFL draft when he can finally escape the shadow of Boise State’s star pupil Kellen Moore.

Boise State DE Billy Winn-

There is nothing too flashy about Billy Winn's game, but he is a versatile player who will become a solid player in the NFL.

“My Billy, sweet Billy boy, I knew you would go back, No one can stop you if you try, Don’t I have a nice….okay seriously lets talk about Boise State’s Billy Winn, not Billy Madison, even though that movie is hilarious and Adam Sandler is great. Getting back to Billy Winn, he has solid NFL size at 6-3 300 lbs. His size and skill-set makes him a good fit for either playing defensive end in a 3-4 scheme or DT in a 4-3. This versatility makes Winn a very sought after player by all teams and should result in a good draft day position for him to be selected earlier on day 2. What you notice about Billy is that he doesn’t offer all that much as a true pass rusher. Boise State likes to use Winn all over the line of scrimmage, playing from a 3-technique or 5-technique and he gets much of his pressure from his sheer hustle and motor. Winn is the type of player who does a pretty good job collapsing the pocket but isn’t the penetrating type of player that will consistently collapse the pocket, but rather consistently work and pursue to the football to collect what  I consider “hustle or desire sacks/plays”. It is the run game where Billy Winn really makes his presence felt and is a big reason why Boise State was so effective defending the run this season. Here Billy Winn uses his violent hands and technique to take up space and get into position to take down the ball-carrier. Winn shows pretty good athleticism and can occupy blockers before disengaging to make a play due to his functional strength. Due to this it would make sense for Winn to be drafted to a team in need of help defending the run who also possesses defensive ends/OLB’s capable of forcing the quarterback up into the pocket for players like Winn to clean up the play (Ie: Packers). Overall I like Winn, although he is not all that flashy of a football player. Winn will be a solid pro who has starter potential if drafted into the right system and scheme that fits his individual strengths as a player. Right now I would consider Winn a late 2nd to early 3rd round draft pick.

Arizona State QB Brock Osweiller-

Osweiller is still raw and continuing to learn the game but make no mistake he is both a supremely gifted athlete and quarterback prospect.

Brock Osweiller is a supremely gifted player and although he struggled in this game he still has very good potential. Osweiller struggled all night and never really looked comfortable. his accuracy was off due to the pressure he was facing and he made some bad decisions in this one with the football. It was clear Boise State was the superior team and they imposed their will on a Arizona State team that struggled down the stretch and saw its head coach Dennis Erickson fired. Despite all this I came away impressed with how Brock handled himself. Osweiller never backed down and never gave up, despite the fact that many of his team-mates did (Other than WR Gerell Robinson). I loved when he took control and showed he wasn’t just going to sit down by telling his coaching staff and punting team to stay off the field on a 4th down play. Although he didn’t covert, this showed me the type of competitor Osweiller is and it says a lot about his character, drive, and determination to win. The upside this guy has and the type of talent he possesses is undeniable. Osweiller is still pretty raw as a prospect but has time to come back and get better to improve his draft status next year, which I am sure he will do on his way to becoming one of the top quarterback prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Arizona State LB Vontaze Burfict-

Bufict needs to re-shape his game and play with more discipline if he's ever going to live up to his potential and become the player he is capable of becoming.

Vontaze Burfict has been at the epicenter for many calls, conflicts, and flags on the Arizona State defense this season. Burfict was actually benched for the first quarter or so of this football game by Coach Erickson and his coaching staff for reasons that I am not entirely sure of, but most likely involved a lack of discipline. In this game Burfict made an appearance for a very short period of time before an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty once again drew him farther into the doghouse and on the sidelines for the rest of the game. There is no doubting Burfict’s skill set and rare athleticism to become a physically imposing middle linebacker, but he will now need to answer some tough questions about his on field actions and justify why he essentially gave up on his team. I very much disliked his attitude after the penalty on the extra point as he more or less jaw jacked with the official for the call and showed little effort in making an attempt to block the extra point. I’ll be the first to admit that he has been the recipient of some calls that were quite ridiculous and would have been non-calls if it was any other player, but the fact is he has gotten that type of attention from refs all season and just needs to deal with it and adapt as best he can. His actions came off as immature and selfish to me and I can understand his frustration, but some sort of line has to be drawn and he clearly is letting all of this get the best of him. I think Burfict has all the talent in the world and will need to harness his energy and passion to be a more level-headed and disciplined player in the NFL. There is little doubting this season has severely dropped his stock and for good reason, but he has the opportunity to regain it by being a man about it and admitting his shortfalls/mistakes and backing it up with his play. I’m a fan of Burfict and want to see him succeed because I know what type of potential he has but I do think it will be important for him to go to a team with a veteran presence in the locker room where he can learn and grow from other players on the defense. I believe two of the best landing spots for a player like Burfict would be in Baltimore with the Ravens and Ray Lewis or New York with the Giants who have a veteran squad, coach, and city that hold each other accountable.

Arizona State WR Gerell Robinson-

Gerell Robinson has essentially come from out of nowhere this season to become a threat in the passing game for the Sun Devils. Time will tell if he is simply a late bloomer or a product of solid QB play under Osweiller.

Gerell Robinson is a player that has essentially come out of nowhere this season, setting career highs in nearly every statistical category and almost doubling all his statistics as well from this season to last. Robinson’s physical prowess is impressive at 6-4 222 lbs. and he uses this frame well to shield defenders away from himself and the football and create separation. Robinson also seems to have above average hands as he consistently plucked the ball away from his body and immediately got up field. He doesn’t seem to have much speed but his run after catch ability seemed to be at least average and good enough to get the job done at the next level. Robinson also seems to understand how to find soft spots in coverage and settle into passing lanes for his quarterback. While I don’t thing Robinson will ever become a game breaker in the NFL or even a reliable every week starter, he should be able to contribute as a 4th/5th receiver at the next. level. It will be fun to see if Robinson gets some attention and invitations to some all-star games leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft thanks to a performance in this bowl game in which he had 13 receptions for 241 yds. and one td. Who knows Robinson could be one of those players that is a late developer or player who was overlooked because of shaky quarterback play, before Brock Osweiller took over under center and really took off this year. Either way it will be fun leading up to the draft to see what happens with Robinson and see whether he is worth a late round pick, I know I will be paying attention.

Thanks again for reading my post. Hope you enjoy and come back for further analysis and insight.




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