McNutt's overall skill-set and size will make him an intriguing option in the upcoming NFL Draft

Iowa WR Marvin McNutt-

McNutt shows good size measured at 6-4 215 lbs and displays very good arm length (wingspan) to naturaly pluck balls away from his body. His natural hands are a great asset and he possesses the type of frame and body control to shield defenders from himself and the ball. McNutt impacted the game positively for the Hawkeyes and showed the natural ability to be the featured target for his QB all day. McNutt shows deceptive speed and does a good job releasing off the LOS (line of scrimmage) as well as the type of quickness and agility in his routes to gain seperation. His savy route running and ability to mis-guide defenders with his head fakes and body language is also one of the aspects to McNutt’s game that make him a valuable threat to get open on short, intermediate, and long routes. McNutt’s long strides eat up cushions quickly as he is able to close the gap between him and his defender with his long strides. Marvin was used on end-arounds in this game as well, and showed natural vision and burst to be an effective runner when the ball is in his hands. I also came away impressed with McNutt’s hands and concentration as he made a one handed stab that showed the type of  hand eye coordination and concentration that makes him a specail athlete and overall player. McNutt is a player I have had my eyes on for a while and he has really come on this year while becoming Iowa’s all-time leading reciever in yards and touchdowns for a career. McNutt is definitely a player on the rise who could wind up making his way into the 2nd round as a player who shows the ability to become either a #1 or #2 WR in the NFL.

Iowa OT Riley Reiff-

Despite not being a finished product, Reiff possesses the tools to become next in line of great former Iowa offensive lineman to make their way to the NFL

Riley Reiff stands as one of the best OT prospects in college football right now, partly due to him impressive size at 6-6 300 lbs.Reiff also shows a good build with solid arm length to keep defenders away from his body. As a former all-state wrestler Reiff has very functional playing strength and consistently over-powers defenders who challenge him one on one. In today’s game I saw many things I liked and some things I think he could improve on. Starting with the areas he did well on, I was very impressed with how Reiff finishes his blocks and always keeps his feet chopping through the whistle. This type of hustle and effort does not go unnoticed by NFL Scouts and personnel men, and is one of the aspects of Reiff’s game that you absolutely love. Another aspect of his game that was noticeable was his ability to mirror his opponent and anchor his feet in the ground when being bull-rushed. Once locked on to his defender Reiff shows a great ability to control his man by playing with a solid base and leverage, making him a very tough guy to move/get around once he has his hands on you. On the other hand I saw that Reiff tends to play a little out of control at times and does not always stay balanced throughout his blocking assignments. Reiff has a tendency to shuffle his feet on his kick out, bringing them too close together and leaving him susceptible for a split second to be knocked off balance by more experienced pass rushers. Although this did not affect him in this game necessarily, it is definitely something that will be exposed once he makes the leap to more talented pass rushers who can expose this weakness. When engaged with his defender, Reiff at times will get his weight a little too far in front of himself and needs to sit back and keep his weight balanced. Far too many times he looks to make the first contact and needs to show the type of patience to let the defender come to him. The good news is that many of these things are correctable; however he will need a coach who can teach him how to play with a little better technique. Currently I think Reiff’s best fit in the NFL is on the right side, due to the fact that he is not the most fleet of foot and could stand to improve as a better pass protector in some areas. With that said, this was only my first game watching Reiff so I cannot be too critical of him as a player just quite yet. It should also be noted that he was highly effective shutting down a good pass rusher in Michigan State’s William Gholston, who has really come on as of late. Currently I would rate Riley Reiff a little better than former Iowa Hawkeye Bryan Bulaga, who was drafted #23 overall by the Green Bay Packers in the 2010 NFL Draft

Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins-

Kirk Cousins has the necessary intangables and mind-set to succeed in the NFL

This is the second game I have watched of Kirk Cousins and each time I have come away pretty impressed overall. First of all, for those who haven’t listened to Mr. Cousins speak or seen his competency to become a leader firsthand; seriously need to watch the speech he gave at this year’s Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me, but let’s get down to who this Kirk Cousins guy is as a football player. First of all I will be the first to admit that Mr. Cousins does not always show the type of arm strength and zip on his passes to get you excited about his potential to become a starting NFL QB. However, it is Cousins unique ability to put the ball where only his receiver can get it and his overall accuracy that will make him an effective QB at the next level. Routinely I have seen him put the ball away from the defender and put passes in areas to protect his receiver from the big hit. The other thing you have to like about a guy like Kirk Cousins is his experience as a starter and also his high career completion rate (64.3) and impressive TD/Int ratio (54/25). Add on top of this that he is only the second Spartan ever to be selected as Team Captain at least 3 times and you have a player with the type of intangables to succeed in the NFL. There are areas Kirk could improve in, none of which will be more important than learning how to extend the play by stepping up or climbing the pocket (pocket presence), instead of bailing on the play pre-maturely. Cousins will also need some technique work in learning how to tighten up his footwork in the pocket and quicken his release as a passer. Surely Cousins has some work to do and I’m not the guy saying he can be a starting NFL QB, however this is the type of player teams and coaches will fall in love with leading up to the draft. I have very little doubt that he won’t become at worst an adequate backup QB in the NFL with the chance to develop into a quality fill-in starter from time to time. Nevertheless, Cousins should do very well for himself in meeting the criteria set before him by former Spartan QB’s such as Brian Hoyer (Patriots) and Drew Stanton (Lions) who have gone on to be quality back-up QB’s.

Michigan State WR B.J. Cunningham-

Cunningham's attitude, effort, and drive will help him stick and contribute in the NFL

Let me just say this about B.J. Cunningham….he may just be the most under-rated WR in the Big Ten Conference. Cunningham does an amazing job in helping out his QB in settling into the soft spots in coverage. He consistently works his way back to the football when the play breaks down and is a reliable receiver for his QB Kirk Cousins. The other area Cunningham excels in is his overall body awareness/control and ability to high point the football. Cunningham routinely plucks the ball away from his body and catches the ball at its highest point. Cousins shows the utmost confidence in his receiver in going to Cunningham when he needs a big play or first down. Cunningham is a natural hands catcher and the type of player who doesn’t necessarilly beat you with his athleticism and route running, but his intelligence and effort as a football player. Cunningham will struggle to gain seperation, but shows the ability to catch balls in traffic and use his more than adequate 6-2 215 lb. body to shield defenders from the football. Plain and simple B.J. Cunningham is a competitor who never gives up on the play and will find a way to contribute at the next level. I can see him becoming a good slot player as the 3rd or 4th WR on his team. Former Spartan WR Blair White was another player I was high on and astonished when he went undrafted who was overlooked by many, but has proved to be more than capable of making plays in the NFL when given the opportunity…Cunningham should enjoy similar success at the next level  due to his attitude and desire to contribute.

Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy-

Worthy needs to play with the same consistent effort he is capable of to become an elite player at the next level

Jerel Worthy posesses a physically imposing and intimidating frame at 6-4 310 lbs. Worthy showcases the type of quick first step penetration off the snap that makes him incredibly effective at getting into the backfield and making plays. Another area Worthy excels at is in the run game where he shows the natural ability to engage his opponent with good leverage, move laterally down the line of scrimmage, disengage and make the play. Worthy also consistently controls his man and shows the ability to clog up running lanes with his big body in the middle, making him an attractive option to man the NT in the 3-4 or UT in a 4-3. However, I believe his best fit is in the 4-3 scheme where his natural pass rush ability can be most utilized. Despite all this potential I have come away from watching Worthy play a little confused and unsatisfied overall. I need to see Worthy play with the type of consistency and tenacity he is capable of. Too often he dissapears for long stretches and seems to take plays off. This leads me to question his overall work ethic, attitude, and effort as a football player. It also leads me to believe he may have some stamina or weight issue concerns, which is discouraging given his abilities. Although I love Worthy’s burst of the LOS and spurts of potential he shows in making splash plays, I need to see him play with this type of passion and effort more consistently before I can make my final assesment of him. Overall my grade on him is incomplete for now, as I have seen flashes but not nearly enough to make me believe he can become the total package at the next level.


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